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Aircraft Maintenance Organization

Approved Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization

TASC's wholly owned maintenance organization, Polynésie Perles, is a part 145 EASA AMO. TASC has managed aircraft repair situations ranging from simple line service tasks to full engine, stabiliser and winglet removal. We have a number of jacks and tooling for most of the jets that transit in Tahiti, including the Bombardier, Gulfstream and Dassault products as well as limited capabilities on Citation and Embraer aircraft. Of course, we need the assistance of your maintenance organisation to provide logistical support for your aircraft.


  • Oxygen cart with booster system
  • Nitrogen service low and high pressure
  • Elevator platforms
  • Battery cycling and service
  • Global Express/Gulfstream jack set
  • Wheel service and cage
  • Electronic diagnostic
  • Electrical repair and service
  • Emergency assistance team off site
  • Rolls Royce Tay engine removal
  • Line service and Beech product support

TASC Comes to the Aid of a Damaged Gulfstream

If an unfortunate event should occur to your aircraft, TASC with its AMO Polynesie Perles, a Part 145 EASA Approved Maintenance Organisation can manage most events with you. We have completed major work on a Gulfstream IV, the victim of an unfortunate accident, including complete salvage work. From engine removal to stabiliser and rudder harvesting to full interior and avionics salvage, we have unique event management expertise to assist you. Of course, we are able to assist your own team with local expertise, equipment, tools, and logistics support to import specialty tools, parts and task specific teams.


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