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Ground Handling

TASC is a full service FBO with state of the art ground handling services. We arrange all the ground portion of your flight as well as the interaction with Civil Aviation, Customs and Immigration, and Phyto Sanitary inspection services. Our services range from aircraft parking/hangar to all the required ground handling services from GPU to grooming cart, Lavatory service, Ultra Filtration pure fresh water service, catering facility, laundry room, lounges, limited hangar space, line service and of course Exxon Mobil fuel products.


  • 12,000 DBP/120,000 lbs. push back tractor
  • Baggage tractors and platforms
  • 28.5 VDC Ground Power Units
  • 110 VAC 400 HZ GPU
  • Lavatory carts and FDA grade Fresh Water cart
  • 20 Ton pre-boarding air conditioning unit and power unit
  • Grooming cart with integrated generator
  • Hydraulic cart
  • Baggage Services
  • Elevator platforms
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen cart with booster service
  • Variety of towbars and tow assist devices

Ground Equipment

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